Past Event21 Jul - 30 Jul 2017

The Midwife

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The Civic


Two of France’s most distinguished stars, Catherine Deneuve and Catherine Frot share the screen in this touching tale of the unlikely connection of opposites.


Claire (Frot), is a dedicated and tireless midwife whose sense of pride and responsibility clash with the depersonalised efficiency of modern hospitals. She’s raised her son solo and is well pleased that he’s made it to medical school.


One day she receives a strange phone call, a voice from the past. Béatrice (Deneuve), the extravagant and frivolous mistress of her late father, has pressing news and wants to see her again, over a drink, 30 years after having disappeared without a trace. Claire, habitually conscientious and sober, bridles at the prospect of having this foolish woman back in her life, but prepares to meet her regardless.

The Midwife - Official Trailer

Writer/director Martin Provost (Séraphine), has gifted two expert actresses with marvellously individual roles for an entertaining and emotional pas de deux. As old resentments are faced down, they tacitly acknowledge common fears, begin to enjoy each other’s shortcomings and build anew on their shared past.


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