The Perfect Gift

Past Event25 Apr - 28 Apr

The Perfect Gift

No longer available

Herald Theatre, Aotea Centre


A warm-hearted, adventurous LOL for kids of all ages!

With only 30 cents in their pyjama pockets, this band of brothers sets out on a quest to find the perfect gift for their Mum in the imaginary world beyond their bedroom...

Together they will fight dragons, fly on carpets and transform into superheroes to give their Mum the best birthday ever. 

Along the way they discover they can’t give her riches or treasures, but they can give her joy, love and the perfect gift of a song. 

Created by Jandel J and the Funky Friends with the support of the Healing Through Arts Trust, and other independent artists.

The Perfect Gift is part of our fantastic family programme Auckland Live Kids 2018 in association with NZ International Comedy Festival.

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