Past Event3 Jul 2021

The Rite of Spring

No longer available

Great Hall, Auckland Town Hall

Classical music

Gemma New Conductor
Nocturnal Performance Visuals

Stravinsky The Rite of Spring

In the heart of winter the NZSO summons up the primal forces of spring, with its performance of Stravinsky’s most notorious ballet: The Rite of Spring. Written for a ballet of the same name and choreographed by Vaslav Nijinsky, during its Paris premiere in 1913 the audience rioted. Did the provocatively barbarous dancing and thumping, raucous music cause disgust and enrage some? Regardless, this work made Stravinsky’s name.

Nowadays, The Rite of Spring is considered one of the most influential and exciting works of the twentieth century, and concert hall performances enthrall listeners with its driving irregular rhythms, innovative bitonality, eerily distinctive melodies, and heart-palpitating energy. This performance of Stravinsky’s stunning work will be accompanied by an immersive visual design by leading New Zealand creatives, Nocturnal.

Individual tickets on sale 10am, 11 March 2021.

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