Traffic Jam

Past Event21 May - 24 May

Traffic Jam

No longer available

Herald Theatre, Aotea Centre


Access to the Herald Theatre has temporarily changed after the refurbishment to the Aotea Centre. Before the show we invite you to spend time in the Level 2 Stalls foyer of the Aotea Centre, where you will then be guided by staff to the Herald Theatre. Click here for full guide tour to Herald Theatre.

* * *

Darcy and Wade walk out on stage with nothing, and each sit in a chair. From there they will take you on a journey, all the while struck in a traffic jam.

It's been called the bravest comedy show you'll ever see. Seeing this improv duo in action, you'll swear that the show is scripted, but every single moment is created on the spot.

Traffic Jam is the show that can go anywhere while going nowhere.

NZ International Comedy Festival '19

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