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Treasures of a Nation

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Great Hall, Auckland Town Hall


The prestigious orchestra of the China National Opera and  Dance Drama Theatre will make its Auckland debut with the unique program, Treasures of a Nation during the 2018 Chinese New Year.

Treasures of a Nation promises to be truly transcendent experience that merges traditional Chinese style with contemporary music. The concert will take you on a fascinating musical journey, exploring the treasures of a nation and allow you to totally immerse yourself in the rich culture.

The renowned China National Opera and Dance Drama Theatre’s orchestra - the first professional Chinese traditional orchestra, established in 1951 -  has created a large number of popular opera and dance dramas. With a unique artistic style, the orchestra has fostered a large number of performers with high artistic attainments. With a repertoire of many transitional and popular instrumental music works, its members have taken part in national and international instrumental music competitions and won many prizes.


“…making stirring, unusual and enjoyable music…” - Canberra Critics Circle


Proudly presented by OAACA and Ausfeng

Bai Miao
Renowned huqin musician, Bai Miao is the chief of China National Opera & Dance Drama Theater Chinese Music Orchestra, National First Class performer, experts of Ministry of Culture. He is the student of the well-known huqin master Liu Mingyuan. In 1976, he began to learn banhu, erhu, gaohu, jinghu and zhonghu from Mr. Liu Mingyuan. He performed solo or the lead player in many operas and dance dramas. His banhu and jinghu solo is deemed as the excellence of the theater. In 1993, He won the silver price in the ‘1st Osaka International Chamber Music Competition’ and won awards in various domestic and international important competitions. 

Lei Dianyun

Guzheng solo player, Lei Dianyun is deputy head of the China National Opera and Dance Drama Theater Chinese Music Orchestra. She is also a director of the Chinese Orchestra Society and the Guzheng Specialised Committee, a member of the Chinese Musician Association, and a director of the Guzheng Association. She was awarded the Young Professional Excellence Award at the National Guzheng Competition, and was runner up at the ninth  Oriental Melodies International Music Festival in Samarkand.

Lei’s playing style is delicate yet heavy, vigorous yet mellow. She masters various factions and artistic styles, from heavy classical music to modern works. 


Luo Huifang
Actress Luo Huifang is the solo pipa artist of the China National Opera and Dance Drama Theater and guest professor at the Beijing Contemporary Music School. She has won a variety of national and international awards and is devoted to artistic practice and cultural exchanges. Inheriting the essence of Chinese music, she is passionate about highlighting the value of Chinese culture in today’s context.


Shan Weiwei

A graduate of the music department of Henan University, Shan Weiwei is also a member of Chinese Musicians' Association and the China Nationalities Orchestra Society;  a judge at the Society Art Shuiping Kaoji Center, and a committee member of the Youth Federation under the Ministry of Culture of the People's Republic of China.

As a performer and producer, Shan keeps exploring the innovation and development of suona. He has formed a subtle, delicate and sincere style of performing. He also has mastered other instruments, for example, chuixi, kaxi, and koudi.


Tong Shengyuan

Tong is a member of the Chinese Musician Association, a director of the China Percussion Society, and a judge at the Society Art Shuiping Kaoji Center. He is a visiting scholar at the National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts, and the China Conservatory of Music. Together with the Chinese Orchestra of China National Opera and Dance Drama Theater, he has visited many countries, including USA, Germany, France, Canada, Australia, and Austria. In 2015 and 2016 he was invited by the Ohio University to give lectures on the percussion of Peking opera. In spring 2017, he performed many famous Chinese music pieces with local students during the Chinese Cultural Week at the university.

Song Yang

Solo sheng performer, Song Yang is a specially-appointed professor at Minzu University of China and the National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts. She is the first person to complete a master’s degree in sheng at the China Conservatory of Music. She won the highest prize of the 9th Sharq Taronalari (Melodies of the East) International Music Festival in Uzbekistan. As an artists, she is featured in the Chinese Musician Dictionary.
In 2007, Song Yang she premiered Liu Wenjin’s Rainbow, a 36 sheng concerto, and is recognised as a pioneering  Chinese contemporary  sheng musician.



"Treasures of a Nation" Chinese New Year Concert 2018

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