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Since the success of the Argentinian thriller The Secret in Their Eyes, actor Ricardo Darín has gone from national hero to international star. This February he won Spain’s Oscar-equivalent, the Goya, for Best Actor for his beautifully layered performance in the Spanish drama Truman. The film itself, a warm, understated and frequently humorous tale of male friendship in the face of imminent mortality, in fact scooped the awards: Best Film, Director (Cesc Gay), Original Screenplay and Supporting Actor (Almodóvar favourite, Javier Cámara).

Darín plays Julián, a stage actor diagnosed with terminal cancer, making the very most, as stylishly as possible, of the time left to him. Cámara is Tomás, a teacher who left Spain years ago to start a new life in Toronto. He returns to Madrid, unsure how he can best serve his old friend. The two men wander old haunts, recall the past, try putting right a few old wrongs, notably with Julián’s son, and most important of all, seek a new owner for his beloved bullmastiff, Truman. Their rapport brings out the best in both actors and finds ample gentle laughter in a very moving story. 


Spain/Argentina 2015 
109 mins
In Spanish with English subtitles

Director: Cesc Gay

Producers: Marta Esteban, Diego Dubcovsky

Screenplay: Cesc Gay, Tomàs Aragay

Photography: Andreu Rebés

Editor: Pablo Barbieri

Production designer: Irene Montcada

Music: Nico Cota, Toti Soler

With: Ricardo Darín (Julián), Javier Cámara (Tomás), Dolores Fonzi (Paula),Troilo (Truman), Eduard Fernández (Luis), Álex Brendemühl (veterinarian), Pedro Casablanc (doctor), José Luis Gómez (producer), Javier Gutiérrez (funeral advisor), Elvira Mínguez (Gloria)

Festivals: Toronto, San Sebastián, London 2015

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