Past Event18 Aug - 24 Sep 2016

Venus in Fur

No longer available

Herald Theatre, Aotea Centre


The steamy stage adaptation of the world's first S&M novel is proving hard to cast. Playwright-turned-director Thomas is on the verge of giving up when in sweeps Vanda, who not only shares the same name as the character but, mysteriously, knows the text by heart. 
Her masterful audition flips the script on Thomas' expectations and turns the session into an intricate battle of wills and intimate tango for dominance. 

Are Thomas' artistic demands merely a cover for his own kinky predilections? Does Vanda's commanding performance reveal her acting skills or a talent for torture? Laced with suspenders and strapping with suspense, nothing is quite what it seems in this theatrical hall of mirrors where life and art tussle for a turn on top. 
David Ives' Broadway sensation transforms Leopold von Sacher-Masoch's naughty nineteenth-century novella into fifty shades of adult fun and erotic gamesmanship with lashings of laughter and whips of wit.

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