Past Event1 Oct 2023

Reunion of When the Cat's Away - A Tribute to Margaret Urlich

No longer available

Great Hall, Auckland Town Hall


One of New Zealand’s most cherished bands ever, When The Cat’s Away, will regroup for the first time in 33 years in a special, one-night-only event, to farewell their friend and fellow bandmate Margaret Urlich who sadly lost her life last year.

Annie Crummer, Kim Willoughby, Debbie Harwood & Dianne Swann take the stage for the first time together since January 1990.  It will be one very special concert.

The show takes us back to the genesis of When the Cat’s Away when five young women in their early 20s decided to take a small break from slogging around the country in their original bands.  ‘One weekend, just a bit of fun’, they said but NZ audiences had other ideas.  The first show sold out and a chord was struck that resonated with Kiwis of all ages. There was something mesmerising about five powerful voices across the front of the stage with a full band and horns blaring.  Margaret, Annie, Debbie, Kim and Dianne (all with solo careers) brought their music (and humour) to the stage and epitomised the saying ‘Greater than the sum of the parts’.  The shows in the early days (in smoky pubs like the Gluepot) were celebrations of lost Kiwi tunes, favourite album tracks, funk/pop/rock/soul – all genres – their songs chosen purely for the craft of songwriting.  A truly eclectic show that has the same vibe now. 

The concert features favourite songs of their time together with Margaret - standing on stage side-by-side on a pioneering, musical odyssey.  Five young women touring NZ including a 60-date summer tour in 1988/89.  Joined by a mighty backing band The Band of Gold who have been Debbie & Margaret’s NZ band for the past 14 years.  Three of the original WTCA members also join them 37 years after their first shows – Brett Adams and Gary Verberne on guitars and Holidaymakers’ maestro Barbara Griffin on keys. 

To honour Margaret’s beautiful solo career there will be some very special guests joining When the Cat’s Away for the performances of her songs – Escaping, Only My Heart Calling, Room That Echoes, Boy in the Moon and more. 

When The Cat’s Away will perform favourite songs and hits from their time together of loving, singing and laughing with Margaret.

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