Past Event10 Oct - 13 Oct 2020

Artweek on Screen

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Digital Stage, Aotea Square

Visual arts

Stop by Aotea Square during Artweek 2020 this October to view inspiring videos on the Auckland Live Digital Stage

Part of the programme includes a selection of videos made by local live video artists and VJs - who predominantly deliver their original artwork as live and or remixed visuals during festivals, concerts and in other performance events. Thus this showcase of work is a very special opportunity for audiences to view a range of exciting media delivered outside of their normal screening contexts. Curated and remixed in a series of seasons by The Wanderer Productions as a homage to the adaptability of the performance led visuals community. Read more about the artist below.

In addition,at the start of each hour daily, Bledisloe Bebop brings an Aotea Square rooftop icon to ground level. Commissioned by the New Zealand Government in 1956, Guy Ngan’s mosaic tile frieze sits quietly on the rooftop of Bledisloe House. In 2018 the work was documented by Auckland Council-commissioned drones under the instruction of artist Bronwyn Holloway-Smith. In this new work, Holloway-Smith pairs these images with a New Zealand jazz soundtrack from the era, in a lively dance that highlights the extraordinary detail and playfulness of Ngan’s frieze. Read more about the artist below.

Plus, join artist Bronwyn Holloway-Smith at Artspace Aotearoa at 6pm on Wednesday 14 October to hear more about the making of Bledisloe Bebop, and other public artworks by Guy Ngan.

More information

Bledisloe Bebop by Bronwyn Holloway-Smith

Bronwyn Holloway-Smith (Pākehā) is an artist and author based in Te Whanganui-a-Tara Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand, who is interested in national identity, public art, new technologies, and the power dynamics controlling knowledge and information. Her recent works have examined how shifts in technology impact the creation and preservation of culture, and how modern day copying processes can be used to digitally recover or preserve pieces of lost or forgotten cultural items. 

Bronwyn is currently co-director of Public Art Heritage Aotearoa New Zealand - a research initiative based at Toi Rauwhārangi College of Creative Arts, at Massey University Wellington that is seeking to recover Aotearoa New Zealand’s public art heritage one work at a time. This initiative emerged out of the E. Mervyn Taylor Mural Search & Recovery Project (2015-2017). Led by Holloway-Smith, the results of this research are documented in her edited volume, WANTED: The search for the modernist murals of E. Mervyn Taylor (Massey Press, 2018), which was a finalist in the 2019 Ockham New Zealand Book Awards. A further outcome was a major project to restore and reinstate Mervyn Taylor’s ceramic tile mural Te Ika-a-Maui (1962). Titled Te Ika-a-Akoranga (2014-2019), this three-phase project involved the cleaning, digitisation, and creation of two photographic reproductions of the mural; the creation of designs for 16 missing tiles; and the full restoration and reinstallation of the mural in Takapuna Library. 

Bledisloe Bebop is the first major outcome of Bronwyn's most recent project to research and document the twentieth century public artworks of Guy Ngan. This emerged out of a partnership with Auckland's Artspace Aotearoa, alongside their 2019 exhibition Guy Ngan: Either Possible or Necessary (Curators: Remco De Blaiij and Lachlan Taylor).

Directed and produced by Bronwyn Holloway-Smith.  Drone images of Guy Ngan’s Bledisloe House penthouse frieze (1956) captured by Aerialsmiths, commissioned by Auckland Council, 2019  'Mohawk' (c.1950) by Charlie Parker. Performed by the New Zealand Jazz Quartet with Stu Buchanan in Christchurch in 1964. Recorded by Radio NZ. Supplied by AudioCulture. Out of Copyright.

Urban Screens Remix Series by The Wanderer Productions (Naomi Lamb)

The Wanderer Productions is proud to present a selection of moving image content from the diverse, wider live visuals’ community of Aotearoa (New Zealand).

These offerings have been lovingly remixed together in homage to the culture that exists amongst VJs and live video performance artists worldwide of juxtapositioning and appropriating original content. 

These screenings enable the community members to share their work outside many of the dynamic contexts of their original intention, often generative content, animation, 3D graphics, motion graphics, sound reactive works, and manipulated live recordings. 

The Wanderer Productions is an inclusive member and pioneer of the ever-evolving live visuals arts culture in New Zealand, particularly at large-scale music and arts events, and bespoke performance happenings. A core foundation of The Wanderer Productions is collaborative interaction and striving to deliver experimental and engaging screen content for audiences in a broad range of locations and settings throughout NZ. 

In this instalment of what The Wanderer Productions has titled as the Urban Screens Remix Series we can see the inclusion of works by the following NZ artists: 

Season 1

Tim Budgen, warptv - Christchurch 

Kim Newall, Wired Visual - Whangarei 

Naomi Lamb, The Wanderer - Auckland 

Season 2

Mike Bridgman - Wellington

Lakshman Anandanayagam, Creature Post - AuckLand

Tom Ludvigsion, Tom Ludvigson Art - Auckland

Naomi Lamb, The Wanderer - Auckland 

Season 3 

Puck Murphy, - Raglan

Daniel Aston, Vision Chips - Wellington

Claire,  VJ Intelliki - France/Auckland 

Naomi Lamb, The Wanderer - Auckland 

Season 4 

Puck Murphy, - Raglan

Naomi Lamb, The Wanderer - Auckland 

Morgan Barnard - Wellington/USA

Mike Bridgman - Wellington 

Season 5 

Eve Sweetman,  ICU Visual Arts - Auckland

Dhyana Beaumont - Wellington

Tom Ludvigsion, Tom Ludvigson Art - Auckland

Season 6

Eve Sweetman, ICU Visual Arts - Auckland

Charley Draper, Charley Draper Video Artist - Wellington

Tom Ludvigsion, Tom Ludvigson Art - Auckland

Naomi Lamb, The Wanderer - Auckland

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