Auckland Live Pick & Mix: Trash Puppets

Past Event9 Sep - 10 Sep

Auckland Live Pick & Mix: Trash Puppets

No longer available

Aotea Centre, Māngere Arts Centre, Bruce Mason Centre


Our hero ventures through a landfill and fights trash monsters with his friends. Plus, make your own Trash Puppet!

Workshop: Unlock your creativity to create your own unique Trash Puppet using BYO 100% recycled and re-used materials.

About the company
Trash Puppets have workshops across Australia,  where they work with people of all ages to get creative using recycled and reused materials. Highly skilled puppeteers, they are motivated by sustainable living.

Here's the kinds of clean, recycled materials we would encouage you to bring:

✓ Cardboard e.g. small boxes (shoebox or smaller), egg cartons, paper towel rolls.

✓ Plastic bottles e.g. coke bottles, milk bottles, shampoo bottles (washed, with lids off).

✓ Bottle caps.

✓ Plastic tubs e.g. peanut butter, strawberry container, ice cream tub (washed please).

✓ Plastic bags e.g. supermarket bags, bubble wrap, bread bags.

✓ Paper bags e.g. retail bags, grocery bags.

✓ Newspapers and magazines.

✓ Picnicware e.g. paper plates, plastic spoons, foam cups.

✓ Bits and bobs e.g. buttons, yarn, old fabric, old wrapping paper.

And, the types of materials we don’t want.

✗ Toilet rolls.

✗ Tins or any sharp metal.

✗ Glass.

✗ Cartons that we can’t see into eg. Tetra pack juice boxes, milk cartons, stock cartons etc.

The early bird gets the worm! Seats can be limited so make sure you arrive early and don’t miss out.
Auckland Live Pick & Mix is part of our fantastic family programme, Auckland Live Kids Play.

Ticket Pricing

Performances information

Saturday, 9 Sept

Lower NZI, Aotea Centre
Performance 10.30am | Workshop 11.30am

Māngere Arts Centre
Performance 3pm | Workshop 4pm

Sunday, 10 Sep
Bruce Mason Centre
Performance 10.30am | Workshop 11.30am

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