22 Sep 2024

Ballades: a Tapestry of Music

$20 - $50

Concert Chamber, Auckland Town Hall

Classical music
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L’Accademia and Flavio Villani return to the Town Hall after last year’s standing ovation in the Concert Chamber. This concert showcases the timeless beauty and storytelling power of the ballade, featuring works by Chopin and original compositions by Flavio Villani. The evening's program is designed as a tapestry of music, each piece contributing to a rich and varied narrative, in an exploration of music as storytelling, with an extended program that delves deeper into the art of music-making. Each piece presented has held significant meaning for the pianist over the past few years, reflecting his growth and transformation through profound life experiences, including parallels to the loss felt by Bach when composing the powerful Chaconne.


Why Attend?
Chopin's Finest: Revel in the profound emotional depth and technical brilliance of Chopin's Ballades, performed by a pianist who brings them to life with sensitivity and flair.


New Horizons: As in previous recitals, this performance will feature improvised interludes, intertwining the different pieces presented. Yet, the pianist asks himself, if he had a story to tell, what would that story be? What would the harmony tell? Why does it even matter to be telling a story at all? That's his own exploration in his Ballata.


Come to hear this poetry made music—emotional narratives like a tapestry woven in perfect harmony.


"Flavio's compositions were deeply thought through, played with a delicate touch and adding an immense depth to the performance. He managed to draw exquisite sounds from our instrument. He brought such honesty to his performance, it was an incredibly moving experience for all of us who were lucky enough to be there.

Tempo Rubato, March 2024

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