Past Event23 Jun - 3 Jul 2021


No longer available

Abyssinian Room, The Civic


Sometimes in winter strange yearnings take over our minds. For example, you might find yourself op-shopping or digging in a record shop or rummaging through a second-hand bookstore one day, feeling pretty content, when all of a sudden you find yourself in a dusty nook, an over-looked antechamber or a hidden staircase… and you are struck by the thought “I wish I could see someone do some weird-ass comedy right now.”

We know. We get it. So we have prepared something special, just for you.

Join weird-ass comedian and DJ Barnie Duncan in his club-a-lub-a-ling-long for a hidden half-hour of surprises. He is bringing his strangest records and wonkiest jokes. You can listen, you can laugh, you can pop.



Before or after the show, journey through the depths of The Civic to find The Secret Piano Bar and enjoy performances by some surprise guests, get your fortune told, you might even meet a few new weird and wonderful friends along the way.

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