At Auckland Live we believe that the arts are for everyone, and we work hard to open up the world of theatre and live entertainment to as many people as possible.

Accessibility is at the heart of this work. As part of it, we are making sure our venues are accessible and offer a range of accessible performances for all live arts and entertainment lovers.

To discuss any special access requirements you, your family or friends may have please get in touch at:

Accessibility Virtual Tours are available for The Civic, Auckland Town Hall and Bruce Mason Centre.


Making our shows and venues accessible

Wheelchair seats at our venues

We have seats at all our venues which are specially designed to be accessible for wheelchair users. Please visit our venue pages for information about where these seats are located. To reserve them, please contact Ticketmaster (call 09 970 9711, please note this is not a general sales line) and be sure to request these seats specifically. 

Wheelchair access

All Auckland Live venues can be accessed by wheelchairs and have elevators and ramps for those who have difficulty accessing stairs.

Companion seats are available for those accompanying wheelchair space users.

We have two wheelchairs available at each venue for you to use if you or someone you’re coming with has mobility needs. You can book one of these by calling Ticketmaster at 0800 111 999.

Drop-off points

There are drop-off points located in close proximity to all our venues for those who require step-free access, or who are unable to walk long distances. These drop-off points are not carparks, but places where cars can stop temporarily to let someone out.

Aotea Centre 
Aotea Centre Level 1 can be accessed internally from The Civic carpark.

Herald Theatre
Outside Aotea Centre Stage Door, next to the Herald Theatre main entrance.

Auckland Town Hall 
Directly outside Auckland Town Hall on Queen Street, close to the main entrance. Take the Accessibility Virtual Tour of the Auckland Town Hall.  

The Civic
Next to Bledisloe Lane, approximately 75 metres past The Civic main entrance on Wellesley Street.

Elliot Street is a shared vehicle and pedestrian zone, and is also suitable as a drop-off point. It is located approximately 75 metres past The Civic entrance on the opposite side of Wellesley Street (behind Smith & Caughey’s).

Please note that the bus stops located directly outside The Civic’s main entrance on Queen Street and Wellesley Street are for buses only and can be extremely busy during peak times.

Step-free access from The Civic underground carpark is available to Aotea Centre, Auckland Town Hall, and The Civic via a combination of elevators, flat and sloping floors/pavements. Aotea Centre Level 1 can be accessed internally from The Civic carpark.

Bruce Mason Centre
A dedicated drop-off zone is located just up from the main entrance, running parallel with Killarney Street. This can be accessed from either Killarney Street or The Promenade.

Front of House help

Visually-impaired patrons can call Ticketmaster on 09 970 9745 any time before 5pm on the day of the show to ask them to alert front of house staff at the venue of your arrival and needs.

Guide dogs

Guide dogs are welcome at all our venues.

Audio-described performances

Audio description captures the visual elements of a show that a blind or visually impaired person might otherwise miss and describes them in clear and vivid language.

Trained audio describers provide a live, concise and unbiased description of the action and visual elements of the show, which you listen to through an earpiece attached to a pocket-sized radio. We give theatregoers who are taking advantage of our audio-descriptions a set of introductory notes to listen to before the performance. The notes include a description of the stage set, props, costumes, etc.

Touch Tours

Before or after each audio-described performance, audience members who have used the audio description can walk through the set on stage, touch set pieces, feel the costumes and handle key props.

It’s important that you book in advance for a Touch Tour, as our group sizes are limited.

Hearing aid loops

We have hearing aid loops available at The Civic, Aotea Centre (in the Kiri Te Kanawa Theatre), Auckland Town Hall (the Great Hall and the Concert Chamber), and the Bruce Mason Centre.

There are particular areas in each venue that are covered by the hearing aid loop. To use it, you will need to make sure you book tickets in the right section of the relevant theatre. Please visit our venue pages for information about where the best seats are for audience members using a hearing aid. To book these seats, please contact Ticketmaster and request these seats specifically.

To use the loop, just switch your hearing aids to 'tele'.

Sign Language-interpreted performances

These shows are for audience members who are deaf or hearing impaired. Trained interpreters, usually standing to the side of the stage, interpret the script during the performance using New Zealand Sign Language.

To book, look for the dates of the Sign Language-interpreted performances for different shows on the Auckland Live website, and then book through Ticketmaster.

Relaxed Performances

Auckland Live offers relaxed performances for some shows.

Relaxed performances are just that – relaxed and held in a comfortable, non-distracting or aggravating environment. They are tailored for audience members with an autism spectrum disorder, a sensory or communications disorder, or learning difficulty.

Shows offering relaxed performances are accompanied by a Visual Story, a document which explains at a glance the venue and the show. This helps audiences attending become familiar with their visit in advance.

You can request a Visual Story for a relaxed performance by emailing

Please let us know if you, your family or friends who are attending a show at Auckland Live requires any special assistance.
Email your requirements or any query to, and if possible include your venue seat numbers, as well as your contact details.

A member of Auckland Live’s front of house team will be in touch with you before the show to discuss how we can best assist you on your arrival at the venue and during the show.

Live events for everyone

Our Be Accessible ratings

The Bruce Mason Centre in Takapuna is currently rated Gold for accessibility by Be.Lab (formerly Be. Accessible).

The Auckland Town Hall, The Civic and Aotea Square are rated Silver, while the Aotea Centre is rated Bronze. We are constantly work on improving our scores, and offering our patrons and visitors a truly accessible experience.


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