Flavio Villani is an Italian pianist who made Auckland his home after migrating here a decade ago. He graduated with a Masters in Music (Hons) in 2012 under the tutorship of Stephen De Pledge at the University of Auckland, and is currently a doctoral candidate at the University of Waikato, with Katherine Austin as supervisor.

Flavio’s doctoral studies focus on the methodologies of improvisation used within classical music. Until the end of the nineteenth century, improvisation was an essential component of a musician's development. Flavio has been invited by Prof. David Dolan, Head of the Centre for Creative Performance and Classical Improvisation at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama in London, to spend an intensive three months working together on this aspect of music-making. This concert is the prelude; a fundraiser to help cover costs for these three months.

Historically, a prelude was improvised before starting a piece of music to “prepare the listeners, set the mood, and also hereby ascertain the qualities of the pianoforte” (C.Czerny, 1829). It was considered to be the first ‘stepping stone’ in the abilities of a performer before they might learn to improvise larger works.

In this concert, Flavio will explore the intricate world of the Chopin Preludes Op.28 - one of the composer’s masterworks which set the prelude as a form in its own right - along with a selection of the Preludes Op.23 that Rachmaninoff wrote about 70 years later. Flavio will present his own preludes in this recital, reflecting on the stories and moods he has explored during the unusual events of the past year. He hopes to demonstrate a glimpse of the style that will find new heights in London.



Bach/Busoni - Chaconne

Chopin - Preludes Op.28

Rachmaninov - Preludes Op.23

Flavio Villani - Preludes extemporised


Villani’s delicate score derived purely through piano is stunning. […] It makes you wonder what the musical score of your own life would be." - Manawatū Standard

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