Past Event24 Jun - 1 Jul 2021

The Most Naked

No longer available

Wintergarden, The Civic



The Most Naked is a powerfully potent and visceral live arts experience that strips ideas of nakedness right down to the bone.

Inspired by cabaret and burlesque art-forms, it’s teeth are forcefully sunk into mesmerising dance artistry, subversive theatre, spectacular live music and political eroticism. 

Written, directed and performed by force-of-nature artist, movement alchemist and 'most naked' performer Hannah Tasker-Poland and featuring the live musical wizardry of internationally renowned composer, co-writer and musician Lucien Johnson.

Compelling, absurd and unsettlingly sexy, The Most Naked will not be the show you were expecting but it’ll be the show you’re glad you saw.



After the show, journey through the depths of The Civic to find The Secret Piano Bar, Club-a-lub-a-ling-long and enjoy performances by some surprise guests, get your fortune told, you might even meet a few new weird and wonderful friends along the way.

Accessibility: If you are attending a show or event in our venues and have an access need, please click here.



The Most Naked Trailer

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