Parking and Transport

Parking and Transport

From Sunday 27 June 2021 the Wellesley Street West and the Albert Street intersection will reopen to all traffic.

Bus services will resume in Wellesley Street West.

From Tuesday 29 June 2021 Victoria Street West (from Federal Street to Elliott Street) and Albert Street intersection will be temporarily closed.

City traffic can be unpredictable. We encourage you to factor in extra travel time if you are driving into the city or consider, where possible, taking public transport.

You can find out more here, or plan your public transport journey in advance here.

Public Transport

Visit Auckland Transport to see what public transport options are available for travelling to and from our venues, and plan your trip with Auckland Transport’s journey planner.

For major events: Free public transport is often available for big events at Mt Smart Stadium and Western Springs Stadium. Visit Auckland Transport’s events page to see if free public transport is included with your event ticket.

For children and families: With a registered AT HOP card, children aged 5-15 years can travel for free on Auckland buses, trains and ferries* on weekends and public holidays. More information at

* Excludes SkyBus services and Waiheke Island ferry services.

Auckland Transport City Carpark Availability

Last updated at .... Please note: During peak times availability can change quickly, please allow plenty of time to find a carpark.
For all public transport and carparking information, please visit Auckland Transport.

Parking at The Civic Car Park

Located beneath Aotea Square, entry is via Lower Greys Avenue off Mayoral Drive.

The Civic Car Park is closest to The Civic, Aotea Centre and Auckland Town Hall.

Click here for information on parking in the Civic Car Park 

As of July 2021, paper tickets are no longer required at The Civic Carpark. When you drive in, your licence plate number will be scanned and the gate will open. Once you're ready to leave, you can pay by entering your licence plate number via the AT Park app (note, you may need to make payment prior to entering the underground area to remain in range of cell phone service) or via a payment machine. Once your payment has been made, simply drive straight out. 

Automatic payment machines can take Visa, Mastercard, Diners card and EFTPOS payments, as well as cash.

Parking near city venues

Visit Auckland Transport’s Parking in Auckland webpage for information on locations, rates and closing times. 

For events at Queens Wharf, Downtown Carpark is a parking option near the venue. 

To download the Auckland Transport app click here

Parking in Takapuna

Visit Auckland Transport’s Parking in Auckland webpage for information on locations, rates and closing times.

The main car park next to the Bruce Mason Centre is operated by Auckland Transport and is located at 2 – 8 Killarney St, Takapuna. This is a Pay and Display park.

We recommend downloading and using the Auckland Council parking app to avoid lining up at the Pay and Display machines.
Please note the parking machines do not take cash notes however do accept coins, credit cards, Pay Wave and Apple Pay.

Parking Instructions

Anzac Street car park offers pay and display parking as well as monthly parking leases with casual parking from $1.

  • First 2 hours - $1 per hour
  • Hours thereafter - $2 per hour

Monday - Saturday, 6pm - 8am: No Charge
Sunday and Public Holidays: No Charge
Motorcycle and Mobility parking P180: No Charge

* These tariffs are a guideline only and subject to change. Refer to the schedule of fees at the car park entry. For latest info, visit the ILoveTakapuna website

Mobility parking

The Civic Car Park has 20 mobility spaces available. Take your mobility card and entry ticket to a pay machine and press the help button for instructions. More information is available on Auckland Transport's website.

Killarney St car park has 6 mobility spaces available.

Parking near stadiums

Public parking around our stadiums is limited. Traffic can also be a challenge for big events, with tens of thousands of people arriving at the same time. We recommend driving to a train station and getting a train to the stadium. Find more info at Auckland Stadiums.

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