Past Event19 Feb 2022

Animation Gets Groovy

No longer available

Auckland Live Digital Stage, Aotea Square


UPDATE 24 Jan 2022Auckland Live, our partners and artists involved in Auckland Live Summer in the Square regret to announce that due to New Zealand being in Covid-19 Red Traffic Light setting indefinitely, all events scheduled from Friday 28 January - 26 February will not be going ahead.  Due to the nature of the events planned and difficulty safely distancing or capping audience numbers in Aotea Square, the events are now postponed until further notice.  The welfare and safety of our artists, staff and audiences will remain our first priority.  

These events are:

Fiesta  28 – 30 January
Jazz  31 January
Circus  3 - 5 Feburary
The Greatest Showman  5 February
The Circus  5 February
Fashion  11 -12 February
Beats  17 -19 February
In the Heights  19 February
Animation Gets Groovy  19 February
Pride  24 - 26 February
Auckland Pride Party  26 February

We are monitoring advice from the Ministry of Health and will provide further updates and advice around rescheduling of Auckland Live’s Summer in the Square in due course.


Animation Gets Groovy is a collection of short, creative films that are sure to delight anyone young, old or in-between! Each playful film is unique in its own special way - from rhythmic cartoon characters and cheeky mice to forest orchestras and giant giraffes. 

This fun event for the whole whānau is a chance to open up your imagination and celebrate dance and movement in ways that only animation can bring to life. 

These short film screenings are part of the Summer in the Square Beats Weekend! Be sure to check out what else is on. 


Welcome back to Auckland Live, where our venues are open for Covid-19 Protection Framework compliant events. All visitors must show a valid My Vaccine Pass, sign in and wear a face covering when required. Click here for our Covid-19 FAQs and information on how we are keeping our people, visitors, and venues safe.  

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Film Details

Chronic Tonic
H. Stephen Mead
USA, 3'31, 2017
The happiest dancer in the world.

Between The Lines
Maria Koneva
Russia, 4'24, 2017
It’s funny what you can make out of just a bunch of dancing lines.

Clap! Clap! Playfulness
Loup Blaster
Italy, 2'51, 2015
These cartoon characters got a LOT of rhythm!

Melting Pop
Alexandre Dubosc
France, 1'23, 2015
The best ever, most magic cake of all time.

Piccolo Concerto
Ceylan Beyoglu
Germany, 6'00, 2016
Maybe it’s time for the instruments to be in charge of making the music for a change.

Negareh Halmi
Iran, 2'14, 2017
Amazing. You’ve never seen so much plasticine doing so much crazy stuff.

Przemyslaw Adamski,
Katarzyna Kijek
Poland, 3’05, 2013
A wildly inventive living sculpture comes to life right before your very eyes.

Julia Ocker
Germany, 3'48, 2015
Maybe the best ever ballet wolf in the world.

Spring Jam
Ned Wenlock
New Zealand, 5'30, 2016
A very cool, perspective-bending runaway tale of a deer, a record player and an orchestra of birds.

Hop Frog
Leonid Schmelkov
Russia, 5'00, 2013
Frogs are fun. Lots of fun. A hypnotically delightful look at the antics of some of the happiest frogs you will ever meet.

Leaf Fall
Rim Sharafutdinov
Russia, 5'09, 2017
It’s autumn which means it’s time for the forest orchestra to start tuning up.

Elizaveta Monokhina, Polina Manokhina
Russia, 3'30, 2016
Working together is always the best idea.

Francois Couperin. The Alarm Clock
Natalia Ryss
Russia, 3'15, 2020
A colourfully cheerful little film about beginnings and the pure joy of movement with wonderful music performed by young people.

Perfect Houseguest
Ru Kuwahata, Max Porter
USA, 1'35, 2015
Little Mouse reckons he has figured out how to make himself really, really helpful.

5 Metres 80
Nicolas Deveaux
Cube Creative
France, 5'24, 2013
If you ever thought giraffes couldn’t do fancy tricks you’re not gonna believe your eyes when you see these aquabats.

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